Benjamin Cash

Alternative from Portales, NM

Tags  grunge  metal  acoustic  seether  nirvana  breaking benjamin 

Benjamin Cash's sound is derived from influences such as Nirvana, STP, Bush, and Seether.


Benjamin Cash, Solo Artist


Since the year of 1993, when Ben was 13 years old, and Grunge was the sound tackling the airwaves with full force, it was apparent that guitar playing was the key to expression without consequences.
The major influence that brought about the urge to vent through music was the amazingly gritty sound of Nirvana. Self-taught, and full of ambition, Ben would practice for hours and hours until a certain chord progression or riff was perfected. While always finding poetry and written expression easy to produce, writing lyrics and original music came very naturally to him.
Throughout High School bands were formed, music demos recorded, and more and more influences fell into the mix. Now, with Nirvana dead but not gone, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains soon filled the void.
There have been plenty of ups and downs, hundreds of demos, 3 full-length albums, trial and error, love and tragedy.
“The Red In Me” was released via iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Emusic.
He had been signed as a solo artist by DBM Records.

Personal Message from Ben:
In 2005, I completed recording my very first album. I had a single called "Birth Day" that hit 1 for four weeks on the U.K. Independent Music Charts. That was pretty damn exciting. I had a couple of bites from some small indie labels, but nothing to brag about.
I am currently negotiating a release for the 4th up-coming album. Stay tuned!


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